LA Native is a be-spoke floral design studio based in Pacific Palisades, CA. We offer flowers for weddings, events, installations, subscriptions, and deliveries. We also offer in-home custom holiday and events installations. 

Nicole Diaco Burgess founded LA Native in early 2018, pivoting from fashion designer to florist. Nicole has a Degree in fashion design from Parsons School of Design, and applied her skills in various areas of the fashion industry before deciding to ultimately explore floral design as career instead of a hobby. 

Focusing on loose, garden-style and asymmetry arrangements, LA Native has decided to expand our services to weekly and monthly subscriptions in addition to be-spoke events and and deliveries. 

LA Native feels it is important to give back. You can check out some of the charities we have done events with in the “Events” section. Nicole also contributes 10% of all sales in December to charitable foundations. Please check in to see which foundation we will be contributing to this Winter.  

Please note—During Covid-19 we offer contactless deliveries and consultations. We always deliver wearing a mask. Please contact us If you have questions on how to receive flowers or set up a future event during this time.